Holding first carnival exhibition, comex “camping, off-road & mountaineering.”

First series of Comex; inbond carnival exhibition was held among premier mountaineers, national off-road champions, well known TV documentary film makers within eco-tourism and off-road at Qazvin international fair from  ۱۲th till 15th December 2017.

The exhibition with creative idea and experienced management team; “ Arman Saadat Ariana fair company” was hugely welcomed by public. It centered around developing exciting adventurous  sports, presenting camp oriented travel style and its equipment, unveiling latest camper and caravan made in Iran, promoting green off-road( environmental friendly off-road), introducing safari and eco-tourism activists, picturing exciting eco-centered sports,  mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, fishing,  wing swift and etc.)

Comex first exhibition series’ opening ceremony started by Parkour and BMX champions’ team exciting performance, subsequently a friendly talk with professional documentary maker Mehran
Sahraie ( one of Alborz Zist team and flag program aired on 3rd channel ) and continued around green off-road  and how to use nature for off-road.  Opening ceremony became even more attractive presenting Mr. Ahmadi from Chand darajeh documentary (aired at Nasim) with a new definition of tourism, adventurous tourism, overcoming stress in order to become an adventurous eco-tourist.

At the ceremony memorial tablets and exquisite gifts were given to provincial and national champions such as Mr. Alipoor world rock climbing hero(The world fastest vertical  man) thanked and appreciated in presence of Mr. Najafi chairman and host to the very special national event, Mr. Hazratiha qazvin province tourism and heritage manager,  Mr. Alaie Director of Qazvin youth and sport bureau by the exhibition holding host  to show gratification. Unveiling of Iranian Asa Caravan new product, tear Drop Camper, the first caravan that has thoroughly been designed and built by national experts.

Exhibition first series closing ceremony viewed by overwhelming audiences in an exciting, friendly atmosphere witnessed exhibitive  renowned off-road motor bikers ‘ performance who hold national and international status/rank, a distinct performance by parkour  and BMX bike teams, accompanied by fireworks and off-road vehicles maneuver within fair location.

Considering the unexpected warm interest by other provinces to hold the second of its kind in province centers, Rasht was chosen to host the next Comex carnival.

We hope to witness more exciting exquisite events of following national carnival series to enhance adventurous spirit, promote environmentally friendly approach among our beloved countrymen by Comex experienced team effort.

comex , camping , off-road , mountaineering

comex , camping , off-road , mountaineering

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